Founded by fitness industry leader Dan Aguilera, Fitness Business Profits combines passion, innovation, and years of proven expertise to help fitness professionals scale their businesses so they can impact more lives, generate more profit, and create more freedom for themselves.

With a great understanding of how to establish a strong and sustainable business, Fitness Business Profits has formed connected partnerships with fitness business owners all around the world to accelerate their success.

Using industry data to guide all the decisions, Fitness Business Profits creates a comprehensive success pathway for their clients that includes all the necessary actionable steps for success, keeping them accountable for completing and then delivering on these through their specific growth strategies.

From expert knowledge and advice, to advance tools and resources, the Fitness Business Profits team have created an array of world-class systems that can be easily adapted and implemented into any fitness business, resulting in great impact, influence, and income.

Fitness Business Profits is always at the cutting edge of innovation, building businesses not on where the market is now, but where the market is going.


Who is Dan Aguilera?

Dan Aguilera is an accomplished writer, fitness business owner, and industry-leading consultant, with 22+ years’ experience working across the health and fitness sector.

He began his career as a fitness instructor back in 1999 before quickly ascending through the ranks, establishing a solid client base on the gym floor. He soon realised, however, that this would only get him so far, and he felt compelled to help more people and make his knowledge and services available to a wider clientele. As a result, he established his own personal training company, for which he had PT contracts with over 30 gyms and employed multiple personal trainers.

His next move was to establish a large group personal training model, which began as an outdoor boot camp and has since blossomed into owning multiple full-time indoor facilities that conduct large group PT, semi-private PT, and high-end personal training.

In the wake of this success, Dan began consulting within the fitness industry. Among other projects, he co-authored a weight loss program for one of the largest chain health clubs in the UK and was sought out to help design and implement retention systems, staff training and development, and programming systems around nutrition, exercise, and mindset, ensuring all systems were built using a duplicatable model that could be scaled across multiple locations. Dan has also helped multiple fitness business owners with new site acquisition and facility design, ensuring the facility space is maximised to its full potential, increasing profits and additional revenue streams.

With his extensive experience and industry knowledge, along with his passion for guiding others to success, Dan launched Fitness Business Profits. In the years since, he has continued to offer his world-class expertise to fitness business owners all over the world, developing an ever-expanding client base.